-Morgan Stanley (New York, U.S.A.)
-Global Asia Investment Ltd. (Macau)
-Penta Technology, Inc.
-Red Fox Group, Inc.
-JMV Fisher Corp.
-Global Packaging Systems & Materials Corp.
-Elite Garments, Inc.
-Integrated Management Services, Inc.
-ICS International Placement and Assistance Company, Inc.
-IMS Wellth Care, Inc.
-IWC Wellness and Preventive Consultancy, Inc.
-IMS Finance & Resource Corp.
-Snow White Beauty and Wellness Specialist, Inc.
-Workshop One, Inc.
-Suretex Protective Coating, Inc.
-Church Planting Movement Institute of Missions, Inc.
-Battlefield Baptist Church and Academy
-Asian Seminary of Christian Ministries
-TMS Global Consultancy, Inc.
-Empeño-Reyes Foods Co. Ltd.
-STI Education Services, Inc.
-Chemphil Group
-Cuyapo Rural Bank, Inc.